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"if you want sound like the musicians are in the room with you,
these are a great choice."

"Jazz sets will sound like they are playing for you, right there,
the Four Seasons are being performed for you in that hall where they recorded live.
WARNING, that pop, over produced stuff you used to listened to will sound just like that,
over produced and a you will hear very thing they tried to make out of nothing in the studio.
The good side is that if it was recorded well
in 2001 or 1965 with Oscar P. and his piano,
it will sound better than you have ever heard it."


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"Many speaker systems gave me musical pleasure to a
certain degree, but the Magneplanar MG12QR's are a classic.
True High End (HIGH QUALITY) sound !!!"

By Wayne Garcia :
"No sound is ideal for every listener. Some will prefer the more up-front
presentation dynamic speakers provide, or a punchier bass or zingier highs.
That's cool. But show me a speaker that allows the entire frequency range,
all instrumental tone colors, and the acoustic space itself to be presented whole;
show me a speaker which can open up a soundstage and place everything
from Dylan's harmonica to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra within it in a way that
-if you close your eyes-
is just that much closer to what we hear in life;
and show me a speaker that can offer this much value and long-term
listenability, and I'll show you a speaker that's just right for me."

True Sound....

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